Commission completed

18” x 18”

18” x 18” Acrylic on canvas commission for local company. Compare with study 2 posts ago. The study was done on a rectangle, this was a square, a canvas shape I do not normally work with so some compositional fun to be had. Happy with it now.

Exploration of composition

I work in two ways: planned with colour studies, under drawings, collecting elements and tones or unplanned where I start with a hue or shape and follow where the work takes me. The latter is harder, it takes much more concentration to listen and build a relationship with the painting than a planned one. And the outcome cannot be predicted.

Warm up after COVID

A4 Acrylic Gouache

After having COVID a fortnight ago it was good to get back in the studio and start painting. This started out as some squiggles of watercolour with my eyes closed. Usually I plan a painting, do colour studies and rigorously stick with the plan but this time I needed to follow the muse.

Initially the squiggles were in indigo with a bright pink background, things were just not working until I tried a light orange but it wasn’t until I photographed the painting and begun to edit that the bright orange became an option. Feeling so much better for painting again.

King Protea

Measuring 63 x 65cm this was acrylic on canvas. I did this for my bedroom. The King Protea flower represents strength, courage, resilience and transformation which is precisely what has been happening in my life as I have taken a step forward into the unknown and placed trust in the universe. I feel blessed.

A bigger commission

Measuring 90 x 50cm this was acrylic on canvas. Painted for a local environmental company.

Return to acrylics.

49 x 59 cm acrylic on canvas, a return to green in anticipation of Spring. Imbolc blessings and a new moon today.

Another Library Box

This box is located on Pudsey Road in Todmorden, the community love it and now want another for children’s books.

Working with Pattern

Watercolour and Fineliner

This is a small tester piece done with watercolour and then worked over with fineliner.

Abstract botanical work.

Windsor & Newton gouache.

This is a small piece done in my sketchbook to explore composition, colour and shape. I love old books about flowers and contemporary illustration, this is a mash up of both styles.

I’ve used Windsor & Newton gouache and fine liner pens.

Library Box

Library box for Pollination Street Todmorden, West Yorkshire UK

This was commissioned by Mary Clear for Incredible Edible in Todmorden. We have these around town where people can take a book and leave a book.

Mixed media collage

I love green!

I used paper from my huge collage stash and then added drawn elements using jelly roll pens. The size is 16 x 16 inches.

Green and Red collage

Collage, gouache & Posca

I used hand printed and found collage paper, Windsor & Newton Gouache and Posca pens. I don’t normally use a lot of red preferring colours I see whilst out walking but this piece seemed to have its own voice.