I am so excited! So far, and it’s only January 7th, I have interviewed 6 women, have 20  interviews booked and more women are contacting me saying they want to be involved in the walking women research project.

I have clustered the questions into 6 main areas:

1. History: When did you first realise you were a “walker”?

2. Present: How would you describe your present walking practice

3. Preparation: What sorts of things do you take with you?

4. Awareness: When you are walking where is your awareness?

5. Post walk: What sorts of things do you do after your walk?

6. Future: How do you see your future walking practice?

So far I have not asked the questions in the same order preferring to use open questions and giving each woman the space to explore how she sees her walking practice.  All the interviews have been markedly different, authentic and mind blowingly interesting.  I’m considering starting a podcast, but my new year’s resolution is “steady wins the race” and I have two fabric tortoises on my altar just to remind me to slow down.

In one of the interviews we began to discuss what we identified as “a walk” and what were the components of that experience that would satisfy our definition. For example the interviewee talked about physical challenge, for example, a climb;  exploration, going somewhere new; and it having to be over an hour in length at least. What would be your definition of a walk? What do you need to happen?

I thought about this and my requirement is that my awareness is changed and that I feel refreshed.  A lot of my walking is about elevating my mood and over the years I have found that the minimum length of time that takes is 45 minutes, walking for 2 hours is optimum and 3 hours is a maximum limit after which the following day I will be physically challenged. However, I have started adding  organic hemp protein powder to  my morning  green smoothie and my stamina is increasing, so maybe these time limits will change. I will let you know.

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