Finally I’m back in the studio!

I took the image of the burnt out portacabin and traced the outline, from this I scanned it into my laptop in order to make smaller multiples.


Whilst I was doing this I found some sample photo paper near my printer and decided to print out some images from the wasteland, I only had a limited number of sample papers so I decided to print different images on the same paper.

I then cut out some smaller line drawings and placed them on the above images.

In my sketchbook I drew the line drawing without looking at the page, first with fine liner, then with a 4B pencil, then I used my left hand.


I liked these drawings and may do a series of them to put into frames.

Taking the A4 tracing I reproduced it on another sheet of A4 paper and cut out the shapes and arranged them onto some paper I had coloured the night before. I then drew on top of this.

I also cut the same shapes out of some other printed paper and then stuck the shapes into my sketchbook. I may draw on top of these images. Shape doesn’t seem to interest me.

Moving onto the image of one of the panels I traced the outline of the shapes

I reduced the image, printed off multiple copies then cut into it with a scalpel

This could be developed into a small book.

Progressing onto colour I painted this and added wax crayon once the acrylics had dried.

This felt too flat, so I took some printed papers and began to layer them up and then I cut into them.

This felt like something was beginning to happen and from here I took some pre-hand dyed fabrics, layered them up, sewed the design I had traced, cut into it and added paint. This is about 10″ square and is a test piece for a final piece that will be much larger.

In preparation for the larger piece, I have batiqed & hand dyed some larger pieces of cotton today.

I am continuing to walk every day but my focus is relaxation and enjoying the warmer weather.  I have stopped interviewing women walkers temporarily and am slowly working my way through the interviews to edit more podcasts.

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