The large textile piece is finished and went through quite a metamorphosis in the making process. As referenced in my last post, I began with the image of a burnt out portacabin, made a mock-up to test the colour scheme and then transferred it into a larger scale.



The second image has an A4 sized book on it to show the actual size of the piece. Here are some close-ups.





Once I had sewn the layers and cut away the shapes, certain sections began to look like stones, this reminded me of an exhibition at Dean Clough Gallery many years ago of contemporary paintings of cup and ring marks on Ilkley Moor by Derek Hyatt. So, off I went to Ilkley Moor to research these neolithic marks. I also looked at plans of burial chambers and stone age temples. It felt as if the piece had a direction of its own.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 11.22.07

Once I had machine stitched the marks I added more machine quilting and painting. Later I attached binding and a sleeve made from hand-dyed fabric. Next job is to find a thin piece of wood to go in the sleeve in order to keep it flat whilst it is hung.

Beginnings of research into next piece.

The day after completion I walked locally and found an interesting image of some barbed wire, the following day I edited the image, drew it and traced the map at the point at which I had seen it.



IMG_2007 2

However, this felt like a forced exercise, something my mind was making me do to create new work.  Whenever I have to push at something I know that it isn’t going to work.

So I stopped and went for a wander without a plan.

Later that day, around the top of Blackshawhead, I found a burnt out caravan and two very friendly goats.


From these images, I drew the staples, traced the drawing, made a stencil and then played around with colour and shape.



These images are reminiscent of the cave paintings at Lascaux.

I like the natural colours and want to do some eco-dyeing, we have a dyers section of plants in the apothecary garden at the medical centre in town which is part of Incredible Edible Todmorden. I have a new book on eco dyeing and so there are lots of things to research and do.

Secondly, I drew the caravan shell, traced it and will make stencils of different sizes. I am reading Fabric Collage by Mandy Pattullo and feel excited about the work.” alt=”IMG_2003″ width=”3786″ height=”2602″ /> Pencil drawing


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