It seems like a long time since I last wrote a blog post, I have been on holiday to the East coast, specifically, Shottisham, a beautiful little village where I camped on a quiet organic smallholding campsite with free-range chickens that, if you were not careful, would come in your tent and lay an egg. Pigs, goats, sheep, and alpacas also lived on the farm and you could join the landowner to feed the animals, in the nearby fields about a hundred pigs with their piglets roamed free in the warm Suffolk sunshine.

One highlight was visiting Sutton Hoo and being so close to the burial mounds of the Anglo Saxon King Raedwald  I was overcome with grief as I stood alone on the viewing platform early one morning as if these people were part of my personal history. It tied in with my investigation into burial chambers for the quilt I had made a few months earlier. It seems as if a  secret part of me is leading me in this direction.

I stayed about four days before moving on to the Oxford Storytelling Festival and again, heard some amazing storytellers, including Ben Haggerty who told a tale about Atalanta, a strong female hunter who worshipped the goddess Artemis. At one point it was a full moon and 10 of us held hands and did seven sacred aums in the beautiful house on the Waterperry Estate. I felt changed by this experience.

A week later it still didn’t feel as if summer was over so I drove to Holy Island with a good friend and we camped on a windy campsite overlooking the sea. We arrived quite late so had a quick walk on the eerie coastal path before bedding down for the night.  Both of us had strange and vivid dreams, it was as if we were laying on layers of history.

The following morning we walked up Holyhead mountain, visited ancient standing stones, supposedly burial sites, and came across about 10 Bronze aged hut circles just below the RSPB visitor centre at South Stack lighthouse.  I couldn’t believe how well they had been preserved and it felt powerful to touch the same stones that ancient peoples had used so long ago. The invisible hand is taking me to these places. Both of us were exhausted by the time we arrived home on Sunday evening.

Hut Circles, Anglesey
Standing stones, Anglesey


It is Todmorden Open Studios 7th, 8th and 9th September, I have been framing up and transforming the studio into a gallery, making signage and ironing bunting.  All is ready.

Here’s a link to the Open Studios brochure,

and here is an image of a new piece I produced from the burnt out caravan and goat experience

Machine Quilting. Snakewomangirl.

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