Safe to say that I walk a lot, but not as much as I used to, maybe an hour or two per day.

Presently I’m creating a new body of 3D work, it’s a group of themes I keep on returning to over and over again: transgression of boundaries; distortion; liminality.

Textiles are my preferred medium but I have investigated film, painting and drawing.

Recently, I had an exhibition at Bankfield Museum and Art Gallery entitled, “The Secret Life of Objects”.

My favourite book at the moment is “The Overstory” by Richard Powers.

I studied BSC (Hons) Social Policy at LSE, BA (Hons)Fine Art at Bradford School of Art, lots of counselling & art courses.  I’ve started four MA courses, each time I get seriously ill halfway through, I’ve found other ways to educate myself.

Therapy has been an amazing way to learn, as has being ill, both have made me slow down and attend closely to my internal and external world.

A long time ago I was a counsellor in education, a counselling supervisor and later a community artist & educator.